Unlock Your Imagination

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600 грн

Видавництво: Dorling Kindersley

ISBN: 9780241316597

Палітурка: Тверда

К-сть сторінок: 160

Рік видання: 2018

Категорія: , ,

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Featuring a huge range of ideal rainy day activities for bored kids, this colourful illustrated guide provides hours of entertainment whether you’re at home or on the go. Packed with creative, hands-on activities including making slime, creating a TV show, and building their own crazy-golf course, this is the perfect book for kids aged 7+ looking to get away from the computer screen. Encourage their creativity and imagination with amazing crafts and projects, from folding origami animals to putting on a puppet show. There’s also plenty of fun games that will get them on their feet, including capture the flag, making an obstacle course (and then completing it!), and a guide to hilarious dance moves. Each book also comes with a free double-sided board, counters, and a press-out dice that can be used to play chess, draughts, and snakes and ladders. No matter what their abilities or interests, whether its sports, art, writing, or puzzle-solving, Unlock your Imagination contains plenty for kids to make, play, and do.