Sew Step-by-Step: More Than 200 Essential Techniques for Beginners

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455 грн


Видавництво: Dorling Kindersley

ISBN: 9781405362122

Палітурка: Тверда

К-сть сторінок: 224

Рік видання: 2011


Оплата безготівкова оплата, оплата при доставці, банківський переказ
Доставка Нова пошта, Самовивіз

Need to learn how to shorten a hemline? Keen to make some cushion covers or a simple tunic dress? Sewing Step-by-Step will come to your rescue. All the essential basic techniques and tools are clearly explained so you can start sewing with confidence. With all the information and guidance you need to get going, this book is sure to whet your creative appetite and leave you equipped and inspired to make beautiful, personal pieces. Packed with easy-to-follow techniques, from sewing on a button to personalising a garment, Sewing Step-by-Step brings these traditional, practical, and artistic crafts right up to date with advice on contemporary styles and new materials.