Minecrafters: Clash of the Creepers

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170 грн


Видавництво: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

ISBN: 9781408869697

Палітурка: М'яка

К-сть сторінок: 112

Рік видання: 2015

Категорія: , ,

Оплата безготівкова оплата, оплата при доставці, оплата на карту
Доставка Нова пошта, Самовивіз

On their trip, Steve and his friends meet other treasure hunters who are
also searching for Mine Mountain. As the group joins forces with their
new treasure hunter friends, creepers attack them. The closer they get
to the famed mine, the more the creepers appear. Is this the work of a
griefer? Or are the creepers trying to hide something else?