Sandy Lane Stables: The Perfect Pony


Sandy Lane Stables: The Perfect Pony

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The monthly Ash Hill Horse Sale is normally a fun day out for the riders from Sandy Lane. Not so for Alex when he sees a little neglected pony. Alex spends his life savings on her and takes her home to Sandy Lane.’

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The Sandy Lanes stables series – previously published in paperback – is now part of the Usborne Reading Programme. Sitting above Young Reading Series Three, Young Reading Plus is for fully confident, independent readers who still need lots of practice in order to build their reading stamina and vocabulary. Alex’s sister Kate cannot believe what he’s done. Alex thought he was solving lots of problems buying a pony at local auction. So he’s in for a shock when he realizes he is now the owner of Puzzle, a filthy, thin and abused pony. But worse is to come, for Puzzle is in such a state, she may have to be put down.


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