Outdoor Maker Lab

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Experience the great outdoors as never before with the most exciting experiments on Earth. This fun-packed, fact-filled book sees you out and about putting into practice 25 sensational scientific experiments. Get out of the house and explore the science in your own surroundings as you use everyday household items in mind-blowing ways to build up your knowledge of biology, chemistry, and physics. Launch a water rocket to learn about air pressure or blow giant bubbles to reveal how surface tension works. Build your own wormery to watch the way worms tunnel underground or fly your own diamond kite to understand aerodynamics in action. A fascinating foreword by science superstar Robert Winston ensures the readers are excited and enthusiastic from the start. Stunning specially commissioned photography results in a visual feast, together with step-by-step text, how it works explanations, scientific principles in action, and real-world examples. Whether you want to impress your friends, create a cool school project, or become a budding scientist of tomorrow, pick this book up and get started.


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