One Memory of Flora Banks

One Memory of Flora Banks

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I look at my hands. One of them says FLORA BE BRAVE. Flora has anterograde amnesia. She can’t remember anything day-to-day: the joke her friend made, the instructions her parents gave her, how old she is. Then she kisses someone she shouldn’t, and the next day she remembers it. It’s the first time she’s remembered anything since she was ten. But the boy is gone. She thinks he’s moved to the Arctic. Will following him be the key to unlocking her memory? Who can she trust? THE ONE MEMORY OF FLORA BANKS is the unforgettable YA novel to take home this summer. “Barr’s YA debut is a riveting page-turner that will keep you hooked till the end.” – Entertainment Weekly “An icily atmospheric story with a captivating hook…A pacy page-turner that packs a significant emotional punch” – Guardian “Gripping. . . We promise you won’t see the end coming.” – HelloGiggles “A winning mix of a John Green/ Rainbow Rowell-style sharpness and sensitivity but underlined with a darker edge” – View Magazine “Do yourself a huge favor and grab this atmospheric, unique mystery for your Memorial Day weekend getaway.” – “An absorbing, original and definitely memorable book.” – S Magazine “An extraordinarily moving and original novel, a story of secrecy and lie, love and loss that manages to be both heart-breaking and life-affirming …This is Barr’s first novel for teenagers and it is as brave as Flora herself”. – Daily Mail


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