What’s Weird on Earth

What’s Weird on Earth

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Kids will love poring over these wonderful world maps full of unique and weird data. This fact-filled book covers natural, supernatural, and man-made features, from glowing animals to ghosts and the real-life inspirations behind your favourite books and films. What’s Weird on Earth is an entirely new atlas adventure, with maps of UFO sightings, freaky flowers, poisonous foods, and every country resized according to population density or its popularity as a holiday destination. See how many lightning strikes hit parts of our planet, where animals have invaded, and even how the world map would look if global warming melted the ice caps or if all the continents were shuffled into the Pacific Ocean. Kids can spot the strangest features on every corner of the globe, from ancient patterns carved in the desert rock to the 29,000 bath toys that sailed the world’s ocean currents after a shipwreck. Crammed with stunning 3D maps and fascinating facts, this book presents the strange side of our planet as you’ve never seen it before.


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