The Pop-Up, Pull-Out Human Body

The Pop-Up, Pull-Out Human Body

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Help your child continue their journey of discovery into the most amazing living organism on our planet: humans! Bursting with colourful illustrations and thrilling pull-out pages, The Pop-up, Pull-out Human Body is packed with fun facts about the human body from head to toe. Exploring each organ in turn, this book explains how muscles work, what makes the brain tick, and the vital role the kidneys and liver play in our health. The pop-up and pull-out images and explanations are perfect for little fingers and add extra detail. Colourful illustrations show body parts in detail, while slide-out pages add lots of facts and records about the body, making it the perfect book for curious children aged 6 to 8. Get right under the skin of the human body with The Pop-up, Pull-out Human Body.


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