Simple Flower Arranging

Simple Flower Arranging

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Easy and elegant flower arranging for everyone Simple Flower Arranging helps you to create flower arrangements with style and flair- be it flowers for the home, for a gift, or for wedding bouquets and arrangements. Love having flowers in your house or making blooming bouquets? Be inspired by more than 60 stylish flower arrangements made simple, from vase arrangements to wedding creations. Owners of destination florist, Bloomsbury Flowers, Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks guide you through designs and techniques that allow you to create your own incredible arrangements. Create stunning bouquets, scented nosegays, wreaths, and planted arrangements using a host of different flowers including roses, dahlias, peonies, and delphiniums. Key sequences are shown through step-by-steps and sumptuous photography so you can easily see how to take a simple bunch of blooms and present them with a professional touch, encouraging you to experiment with hand-tying, wire, papers and ribbons. With a range of classic techniques and contemporary ideas, Simple Flower Arranging helps you to make your own bouquets and arrangements for every occasion, from baby celebrations and birthdays to Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.


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