Klutz: Nail Charms Toy

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Nail Charms complements that classics Nail Art and Nail Style Studio with a new way to make your nail designs stand out
Included charm glaze keeps charms firmly in place
2-in-1 detail brush tool helps you paint dots and other shapes and apply tiny charms and jewels
Comes with 400_ nail charms, charm glaze, nail striping tape, gold glitter, sponge, 2-in-1 nail tool
Includes 56 page instructional book

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Take manicures to a whole new dimension with Nail Charms. Children can add super cute three-dimensional charms to their nails to create hands that really stand out. Charms include fruit, flowers, bows and so much more. The book includes themed designs for inspiration, plus instructions and an applicator tool, meaning that it’s easy to apply whatever charms and jewels you fancy. Simply pick a piece and begin!


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