Amazing Giant Dinosaurs

Amazing Giant Dinosaurs

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Lift the flaps to see huge dinosaurs leap off the page Travel to the past and enter the land of the dinosaurs with this stunning collection of the biggest, most incredible creatures that ever walked the Earth. With its flaps, facts, and huge fold-out pictures, this exciting dinosaur book for children gives you an an amazing introduction to the prehistoric world. See Stegosaurus striding through the rainforest, Barosaurus reaching up to feed from tree tops, and Suchomimus wading through swamp lands. Turn to the fun and colourful fact pages to find out lots of fascinating dinosaur facts — which modern animal does Pentaceratops most resemble, what did Corythosaurus sound like, did Tyrannosaurus have any enemies, and lots, lots more! Amazing Giant Dinosaurs is an fun, fact-filled picture book that’s perfect for eager young fossil hunters everywhere.


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