Magic Kitten and Magic Puppy: Christmas


Magic Kitten and Magic Puppy: Christmas

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Two festively fun books in one! Magic Kitten and Magic Puppy: A Christmas Surprise and Snowy Wishes by Sue Bentley is the perfect book for Christmas for readers of 5+ and all young animal lovers Molly’s special Christmas wish looks like it could come true when fluffy white kitten Flame comes to visit… and… when Storm, a gorgeous Labrador puppy, magically appears on her family cruise, Robyn’s sea-sickness disappears. They befriend Krista and a truly amazing adventure begins… Sue Bentley made a magical debut with the phenomenally successful and bestselling Magic Kitten series, which has now expanded into Magic Puppy, Magic Pony, Magic Bunny, and even Magic Reindeer! She lives in Northamptonshire, and has owned and met many cats and kittens in her time.


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