100 Things to Do on a Plane (U)


100 Things to Do on a Plane (U)

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Over 100 mind-bending puzzles, mazes, doodles, crosswords, wordsearches and more to keep children entertained for hours on long journeys. Perfect for sharing, this handy, pocket-sized paperback includes both individual and group activities.A handy sized paperback, ideal to help time fly on any plane journey. Great stocking filler as well as a gift for the holidays.Includes mind-bending puzzles, mazes, doodles and crosswords, wordsearches, spot the difference puzzles and dozens of other activities to play alone or with another person.Content taken from the popular Usborne activity cards, «50 Things to do a Plane» which was voted one of the ‘Top Ten Toys to Take on a Flight’ in an experiment by British Airways and child psychology expert Professor Robert Winston.


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